Year 11 Education Systems (Peru/Eastern Europe)

Education Section Help

  1. Enter your school.
  2. Under the "Grading Scale/Conversion," select "Other."
  3. Click "New Scale/Conversation" and enter the numerical ranges that equate to letter grades.

Courses Section Help

  1. For schools following the national curriculum, enter the grade/mark/descriptor and the maximum grade for years 9 through 10.
  2. If you've completed year 11, the grade/mark/descriptor and maximum grade should be reported. Otherwise, the grade/mark/descriptor for year 11 should be listed as in progress (IP).
  3. If you are in an IB program, list course type as "IB" for courses in the diploma program. For courses in the Middle Years Programme, list course type as "MYP." For courses in your country's national curriculum, list course type as "Regular."
  4. For Common App applicants, in Common App's Writing >> Additional Information section, write what type of diploma you will be graduating with. Examples are IB or national curriculum.