Transfer Applicant FAQ


Application deadlines can be found on our dates page.

Prerequisite course requirements for each program of study are indicated in our Transfer Handbook. You must complete the courses listed in red italics prior to transfer.

Generally, a 3.0 or 4.0 cumulative GPA is required from transferable credit. However, different programs of study and colleges have varying minimum GPA requirements from 2.25 to 3.2 or 4.0. Refer to our transfer GPA guidelines for more information.

Yes, all transfer students can list a second-choice major on their application. We encourage you to look at our Transfer Handbook to determine a logical second-choice major that fits your academic goals.

Majors unavailable as a second choice include all Business majors, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science (including all Computer Science + X majors), Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and all Music majors except Music BA, which does not require an audition.

Yes, you must submit an official final high school transcript or an official copy of your high school equivalency exam results to verify graduation. High school performance will only be reviewed if you have fewer than 30 graded transferable semester hours at the time of review. A high school transcript also can be used to meet the foreign language requirement.

High school performance and ACT or SAT scores will be reviewed if you’re applying with less than 30 graded transferable college credit hours at the time of review.

English proficiency requirements can be found on our admissions process page.

Until you receive your green card, we'll consider you an international applicant. When you receive your green card, send us a copy, and we’ll change your status within our system. Read more about residency.

No, we’ll only request financial documents and official transcripts if you’re admitted to the university and choose to attend.

Your application will be considered incomplete and won’t be processed until we receive your application fee or an authorized fee waiver. If you pay the fee at the time of your application submission, we strongly encourage payment by credit card. If you choose to pay later, you can pay by credit card through your status page in myIllini.

If you apply for spring entry, you’ll be notified of a decision by mid-December. If you apply for fall entry, you’ll be notified of a decision by mid-April. If you’re an incoming sophomore transfer for fall admission, we strongly recommend applying after you complete your fall courses so those grades can be included in your admission review.


We’ll evaluate your classes after you submit your application and application fee. Students attending 2-year and some 4-year institutions in Illinois may work with an advisor at their current institution. To review courses for transferability, refer to Transferology.

If the entire IAI General Education Core is complete, all of the courses completed within the core will transfer to Illinois. However, if the entire core isn’t completed, we’ll review course by course for transferability.