India – Application Help

If you went to school in India or followed an Indian national curriculum education, the following information is designed to assist you in filling out the myIllini application, or filling out the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) after submitting the Common App.

Education Section Help

  1. Enter your school and select "Yes" under the Education System question to indicate you are in an exam-based educational system.
  2. If you have taken the Standard X Indian Board Examinations, select "Other" for the Grading Scale.

Courses Section Help

  1. If your school follows the Indian national curriculum, do not report academic results from internal assessments.
  2. In the Courses sections, select "I only have international exam results during this period OR I did not attend this school during years 9-11/grade 12." You will report your exams in the Other Academic Information section.
  3. Report your Standard 10 marks (e.g., All India Secondary School Certificate, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, etc.) in the Other Academic Information section titled "International External Exam Results." Select India Year X and fill in the correct information. If your exams have both A1-E2 letter grading and numerical grades listed, fill in results with the numerical grades. If your exam lists both subjects and a general category, list each subject and result individually. For example, instead of listing the category "Science," list each subject (such as "Physics," "Chemistry," or "Biology") and its corresponding result. Instead of listing "Mathematics," specify the math title (for example, "Pure Mathematics" or "Applied Mathematics") in the course title as needed.
  4. If you haven't completed Standard 12 yet, enter the subjects you plan on sitting for. Include all subjects that will appear on your final Standard 12 results when they are released in May. If you do not have your exam results yet, select "Results Not Received Yet." If you have received your results, report them.
  5. If you took O-Levels/GCSEs and then moved to an IB program, report year 11 and 12 courses. Indicate the level (IB SL or IB HL) and list the full name of all courses. Report O-Levels/GSCEs in the Other Academic Information section titled "International External Exam Results."