GCSE/GCE – Application Help

The following information is designed to assist myIllini applicants in filling out the application, and Common App applicants in filling out the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) after submitting the Common App.

Application Help

  1. For schools following the GCSE/GCE system, do not report academic results from your school transcripts.
  2. In the Courses sections, select "I only have international exam results during this period OR I did not attend this school during years 9-11/grade 12." You will report your exams in the Other Academic Information section.
  3. Report your GCSE/O-Level results in the Other Academic Information section titled "International External Exam Results." Select the appropriate exam and fill in the correct information.
  4. If you haven't completed your GCE/A-Levels yet, enter the subjects you plan on sitting for. If you do not have your exam results yet, check the box for "Results Not Received Yet". Completion of A levels are required for entry as a first year. AS levels alone do not meet our standard for first-year admission.