Transfer Application Preparation

transfer student meeting with their advisor

Do your research.

Requirements vary depending on your credit level and intended program of study. Our Transfer Handbook is designed to help you determine what you need to do in order to transfer to UIUC, while our Transfer Guide gives an overview of course and GPA requirements. If you took AP, IB, or A-Level exams, you can also review our credit equivalencies.

Current in-state students—If you’re looking to transfer from one Illinois higher education institution to another, you should also reference iTransfer. If you’ve been attending a community college in Illinois, review our Transfer Guide.

Compare your GPA.

You can determine your chance of getting into the program of your choice by taking a look at our general transfer GPA guidelines.

Review GPAs

Find out which of your classes will transfer.

Transfer course equivalencies help you determine what courses transfer to UIUC, while planning guides show you how your transfer credit can be used in an UIUC program of study. Note that these things don't constitute a contract between you and UIUC, and that transfer credit for fine art skills courses are subject to audition and placement exam or portfolio review.

Learn what transfers

Make sure your major is available.

Before applying, you'll want to confirm that your intended major is currently considering applicants at your level.

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