Counselor FAQ


The list of applicants from your high school can be found on our counselor website. You can also see the major to which they applied, their second-choice major, their current application status, and if they met the early action deadline. For students who intend to enroll, you can see who has sent official test scores and transcripts to our office.

It can take up to 48 hours after a student submits their completed application for it to show on your list. If you don't see it after 48 hours, please email your UIUC admissions counselor or contact our office directly.

No, we don't use or accept letters of recommendation.

Counselors have access to both a School Explanation Form and a Student Explanation Form to submit additional information to our office. These forms can be submitted through the counselor website.

You should submit the School Explanation Form to explain any school-wide changes that impact most or all applicants from your school and aren't included in your high school profile. Examples include changes in grading scale, changes resulting from COVID-19, new school programs, etc. This form will be attached to all applicants from your high school.

You should submit the Student Explanation Form in situations where students aren't comfortable providing us information about themselves, including information about extenuating or unusual circumstances that may have impacted their academic record and/or if you feel it's important for the admissions review committee to hear your perspective of the events.

You can submit a fee waiver through the counselor website (our preferred method) by clicking the "Waivers/Explanation Forms" tab and completing the waiver once a student has applied. The waiver is automatically matched with the student's application. The fee waiver form can also be submitted through Common App or emailed, mailed, or faxed to our office. Please submit only one form per student.

We recommend you include information about grading scales, advanced-level coursework that is available (including listing the AP courses offered), size and demographics of the school and of the senior-year class, and any other unique or unusual information about your school, including information you feel is important for the admissions review committee to know. Profiles can be uploaded through the counselor website, emailed directly to your UIUC admissions counselor, or sent to our general email account.

Students should enter their courses and list their grades as Pass/Fail. They should also include an explanation that their school uses a mastery transcript/narrative grades and does not provide letter or numeric grades. If submitting the myIllini application, they can include this in the 'Other Academic Information' section. If submitting the Common App or Coalition application, they can include the explanation in the 'Additional Information' section.