Campus should be a safe space for our students, and we go to great lengths to keep it that way.

How We Protect You

Your safety is our priority, and we're prepared to protect you.

  • Police department holds the highest accreditation possible. We're an accredited Tier II ILEAP agency, meaning our policies are recognized as highly effective and in line with the best practices in law enforcement.
  • One of the most densely patrolled areas in the region. We have 4 police departments located within about a mile's radius of campus, and all are available to patrol and respond to emergencies. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with security staff and a student patrol for extra monitoring. We also take extra precautions throughout campus, including security cameras, emergency telephones, and bright lighting.
  • Innovative co-responder model that pairs social workers with police officers to meet the needs of community members who are experiencing mental health crises. This model, called REACH (Response, Evaluation, and Crisis Help), helps to better evaluate and assess the needs of an individual and make supportive treatment and referral decisions in the moment.
  • Recently recognized as the top Clery compliance program in the country. This means we're very transparent in keeping you informed of public safety issues.
  • Designated a StormReady and Ready to Respond campus by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. We're prepared to protect our community members in all kinds of emergencies.

Illini Alert

Again, UIUC is dedicated to being transparent and informative about public safety issues, which means if there's an emergency, you'll know. Illinois students receive automatic Illini Alert messages to their email addresses—also available via text!—which offer real-time updates on incidents happening on or near campus.

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Illinois Safety Resources

Check out our campus safety blog, which offers more details about specific safety features on campus. Discover all the programs we have to help you feel secure!

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24/7 availability & protection

Things You Can Do

We have a very safe campus, but no community is entirely crime free. We offer a number of resources to empower you to look out for yourself and others. Start by reviewing the safety tips outlined by our Police Department. These include utilizing campus resources like SafeWalks and SafeRides and our Community Outreach and Support Team.

Want More Info?

For more about safety on campus, you can also visit our Police Department website or read our Annual Security Report.