It doesn't matter where you choose to live. Our halls are filled with potential best friends, so much stuff to do, and really good food.

Find your place in University Housing.

Our university knows how to give you the classic college experience. You'll be part of a close-knit community, with support available whenever you need it and a meal plan that lets you eat at any dining hall on campus.

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A Glimpse Into a UIUC Residence Hall

Watch current student Molly show you how she and her roommate decorated their space in Allen Hall to maximize storage and show off their individual personalities. You can also check out Jada's room in Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall and Emma and Kate's room in Barton Hall!

Watch Video of Molly tour her room in Allen Hall

26 university housing options

Want to live with people who really get you?

Join one of 11 Living-Learning Communities (LLCs), where you'll meet other students with the same interests as you. Our LLCs even offer on-site classes and field trips related to the things you love most.

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Get comfortable in Private Certified Housing.

Approved by UIUC for all students, our Private Certified Housing facilities offer a different experience from that of the traditional residence hall. You'll find everything from air conditioning and semi-private bathrooms to in-room kitchens and fitness centers. One even has its own swimming pool!

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family poses with their student's stuff they're moving into the dorms during Welcome Week

Finding Your Housing Fit: University Housing vs. Private Certified Housing

First-time attending students are required to live in university-approved housing. But with 39 options, where do you start? Let us help you find your perfect housing fit.

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13 private certified housing options

Thinking of joining a fraternity or sorority?

Of the 87 chapters on campus, close to 50 offer housing. Each facility is privately owned and operated, with rates comparable to other living options. Once you've been granted membership into the house of your choice, living with your new sisters or brothers makes for great bonding.

Transfers have options too.

Our campus offers university residence halls, graduate upper-division halls, Private Certified Housing, and pet-friendly university-owned apartments.

If you're required to live in housing owned or certified by the university, don't worry—you're not limited! You have many choices within our undergraduate halls, including our transfer community in Scott Hall. This community focuses specifically on your interests and needs as you transition to UIUC.

If you've lived in a residence hall before, you may be eligible to live off campus. Please check with the Housing Information Office before securing housing with a private landlord. Our Off-Campus Community Living office can help you find an apartment, review your lease contract, answer questions about landlord complaint histories, and more.