As an honors student, you'll be part of a group that fosters intellectual curiosity, leadership, and change.

honors students studying in Lincoln Hall

How do I apply?

You don't have to! We'll use your application for admission for most honors programs, reviewing your GPA and test scores (if provided) and considering your short-answer and essay responses very carefully. If you’re invited to join one, you’ll receive notification after your offer of admission but no later than April 1.

Three Honors Levels

1. Campus Honors

Whatever college you choose, you have a chance to become a Chancellor’s Scholar through our Campus Honors Program. Around 125 first-year students are chosen for this prestigious honor each year.

3. Departmental Honors

Many departments have created additional honors programs to reward their students. In most cases, you must be a junior or senior to join.

You can also join later.

If you’re not initially invited into an honors program, you can petition to gain admittance to one starting your first year on campus. Check directly with your program if you’re interested in joining.