Every course you take at UIUC has the potential to enhance your perspective and renew your purpose. You may even discover a career path you never expected!

two students and experimental learning in the Materials Research Laboratory

Limitless Options

Learning is about opportunity, which is why opportunities are unlimited at UIUC. You can study almost anything here, and you'll do so in a variety of ways—from small group discussions and large lectures to real-world experiences in your field.

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6,500+ classes offered each year

80% of classes have fewer than 50 students

18:1 student‑to‑faculty ratio

Inspiring Outcomes

Fostering new ways of thinking, your classes will be a constant source of inspiration during your time on campus. Here are just a few examples.

  • LAS 100—College Success for International StudentsStarting at a new university is hard. Starting at a new university in a new country is even harder. Enter LAS 100, a course designed to help international students feel welcomed and included as they transition into life at UIUC.
  • RST 180—Professional ApplicationsA 12-day domestic tour of Recreation, Sport, and Tourism-related destinations provides students in this class the opportunity to meet professionals in their field and explore potential career options.
  • IS 199 SHG—Social Hist of Games & GamingAre you a fan of board games? How about the Olympics, dungeons and dragons, or just rock paper scissors? Gamers of all kinds can learn something about the purpose behind the games they love in IS 199 SHG, a survey of the history of games.

Teacher's Pet

In Companion Animal Management, students learn how to best care for animals commonly kept as pets. This includes Carmen and Milo, two of the class's most frequent guests.

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Outside Learning

Chase prefers working outside to studying in a classroom. UIUC gave him the space to not only learn about his major but also apply what he learned in a hands-on environment.

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