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Every course you take at UIUC has the potential to add to your perspective and renew your purpose.

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Research at UIUC addresses the world's most pressing problems, and students like you play a large part in our work.

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The knowledge you gain when you study abroad will change the way you experience the world.

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Help to foster intellectual curiosity, leadership, and change on campus as an honors student.

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Megan and her friends in cap and gown at Commencement in Memorial Stadium

Student Feature: Megan

Kinesiology grad Megan now attends med school in St. Louis. During her time at UIUC, she volunteered and worked in many capacities. Hear what she learned about her chosen field along the way!

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students declare their major during a festive signing day at Gies College of Business

How to Choose a College Major

Choosing a major can be a big source of anxiety. If you're feeling the pressure, you're in the right place for some reassurance and perspective, along with some major advice.

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crop sciences student in conservatory giving thumbs up to camera as she trims plants

Balancing Your Dreams & Others' Expectations

It's difficult when your dreams don't match the expectations of those around you. Here are some steps to help you find balance between what you want to do and what's expected of you.

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