Transferring Credit

The information below can help you determine how your credits may transfer to our university.


To learn which of your course credits may transfer to UIUC, check out the nationwide database Transferology. By creating a free account, you can see all the courses we've ever reviewed for transfer from your college. For an overview of Transferology, we encourage you to watch our video, specifically the "Will My Courses Transfer" and "Viewing a Degree Audit/Program Information" sections.

If you don't find your institution listed on Transferology, you can compare course descriptions from our course catalog with the courses you took. If your college is a regionally accredited domestic institution or a nationally accredited institution outside the U.S. and the courses seem to cover the same material, there's a good chance credit will transfer. We won't be able to confirm the transferability of your courses until after you've applied.

Interpreting Your Results

Course numbers listed as 1 - - or 2 - - are considered elective credit within the stated subject area. This is because our campus does not have a specific equivalent course that corresponds to the transfer course.

Elective credit can be applied toward graduation requirements. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine how this credit may best be used to meet their specific curriculum and program requirements.

Course Articulation

For any courses you've taken that haven't been articulated before (how they transfer is unknown), you can gather syllabi, course descriptions, course outlines, and more. Once you apply and we've received all of your official transcripts, we'll reach out to you to for that information. You'll be given access to an online syllabus form and asked to upload PDF documents of all requested materials for each course. The information will then be reviewed to determine if and how the courses transfer.

The time it takes to complete the articulation process varies, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible when the application opens and to send all required official materials (transcripts) as soon as possible. We can then begin the process of gathering more information from you and determining how courses transfer and if you've met all requirements for admission.

More Ways to Receive Credit

You can also receive college credit from your efforts during high school, including through Advanced Placement (AP) exams, International Baccalaureate (IB) exams, A-Level courses, and dual enrollment.

Transfer Credit Policies

If you're looking for more details, we encourage you to review our transfer credit policies, including from other collegiate institutions, from Illinois colleges and universities, domestic and international credit, and nontraditional credit.

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Academic Record

Per the Student Code, students are required to send transcripts for all coursework completed. Students with transfer coursework will have three GPAs included in their UIUC records: institutional GPA (courses completed at UIUC), transfer GPA (transfer courses) and overall GPA (all courses completed).

UIUC doesn't honor any other institution's grade replacement or grade forgiveness policies. All grades earned in transferable coursework will transfer to UIUC and will be factored into transferable and cumulative GPA.