How We Review Transfer Applicants

Whether we look at high school information or university transcripts depends on the number of credit hours you have.

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We look at your prerequisite coursework.

Most of our transfer programs require you to complete certain courses before you enroll. In our review, we’ll confirm that you’ve taken the classes necessary for the program you’re applying to. Our Transfer Handbook lists all such requirements by programs of study.

Review Handbook

We assess your essay(s).

Not only do we consider your strength of writing, but we also look at how you tie your academic interest to your desired major and how you showcase that passion in your life. If you apply to the Division of General Studies, we look at how you explain your varied interests and need for exploration.

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We evaluate your transcripts (and, in some cases, ACT or SAT scores).

We require official transcripts from each college or university you've attended, along with official high school transcripts or high school equivalency exam results to verify graduation. If you apply with more than 36 graded and transferable credit hours (college courses taken in high school don't count toward this total), we'll base our review on your college-level coursework; if you apply with fewer than 36 graded and transferable credit hours, we'll review your high school coursework in addition to your college-level coursework.

If you apply with fewer than 36 graded and transferable credit hours total (including college courses taken in high school), we'll review your ACT or SAT scores if you choose to submit them.

We listen to your story.

Take advantage of your opportunity to explain any unique circumstances that may demonstrate qualities or skills you have that can help you succeed. If you're missing prerequisite coursework, you may explain why. Additionally, if you have one semester or course in which your performance doesn't match the rest of your semesters or courses, you may want to explain the circumstances.

We consider our restrictions.

If the number of qualified applicants to a major exceeds space availability, we’ll admit those who are best qualified. Preference may be given to students who have completed all required and recommended courses and have grades comparable to the quality of the applicant pool. Based on the number of transferable hours you've earned, some programs may be closed.

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