We understand your concerns regarding the current financial aid delays, and we're sorry this is happening! We're committed to minimizing the impact on you and your family, and, if needed, we will change our FAFSA and college commitment deadlines. Our decision to change our deadlines will be announced no later than March 15. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact our Office of Undergraduate Admissions or Office of Student Financial Aid directly.

Parkland Pathway Policies & Procedures

Following are the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign policies and procedures as they relate to our Parkland Pathway program.


You'll receive separate bills from UIUC and Parkland. If you have any billable expenses at UIUC (from courses, housing, etc.), we'll notify you online. You won't receive a bill in the mail. Instead, you'll receive an email in your university account each month reminding you to view your student account for recent activity and to pay any amount due by the due date. Your student account shows all of your UIUC account transactions, including payments received as well as charges and credits for tuition, fees, and housing.

You can access your student account by following the steps below:

  • Log in to UI-Integrate Self-Service
  • Choose the "Account Billing Information" tab
  • Select "Student Account"
  • Select "View Account"

To print an official billing statement, select "Statement History." You can pay your bill or set up an Authorized Payer to pay your bill. Authorized Payers can access your account by logging into the Authorized Payer website.

For more information on billing, visit the billing section of the University Bursar's website.


While enrolled in the Parkland Pathway to Illinois program, tuition is assessed in accordance with the appropriate rate as determined by Parkland College. In consultation with both UIUC and Parkland advisors, you may choose to register for up to five hours of coursework each fall and spring semester. If you choose to enroll in summer courses at UIUC, you'll be charged at the applicable UIUC rate.


In addition to tuition, you’ll automatically be assessed our Health Insurance Fee. Other fees can be paid on an opt-in basis if you want to take advantage of the corresponding rights and services. You may obtain these other services by paying the semester fee at the designated service building.

All dollar figures below are per-semester rates. Rates and other information are subject to change.

Health Insurance Fee (estimated): $723

This covers the cost of premiums to the insurance carrier and the cost of administering the group sickness and accident plan. You’ll automatically be assessed this fee. If you want to seek an exemption, follow our Student Insurance Office procedures.

Recommendation: Stay in unless you have better family coverage.

Service Fee: $311

Choosing to opt in to this fee will allow you to use the services it supports, including State Farm Center, Campus Recreation, Career Center, Illini Union, Illinois Leadership Center, and Student Services and Arcade Buildings.

You may obtain the services by paying the semester fee at a cashier’s window in 100 Henry Administration Building.

Recommendation: Opt in. This fee covers many of the popular and useful services UIUC students enjoy.

Health Service Fee: $248

This fee distributes salaries, programming, general expenses, and utilities to the Counseling Center and McKinley Health Center. It allows you to use supported services and covers prescriptions, flu packs, and a wide variety of helpful mental and physical health services.

If you live in university-owned housing, you must be registered at the university and will be charged the fee automatically. Otherwise, you may obtain the services by paying the semester fee at the McKinley Health Center Business Office.

Recommendation: Opt in (required if you’ll live on campus).

Transportation Fee: $62

This fee supports a campus and community transportation plan for students. You may obtain the services by paying the semester fee at the cashier's winder in 100 Henry Administration Building.

Recommendation: Opt in to use the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District bus system with your i-card.

Student-Initiated Fees (combined): $70

As a Pathway student, you won’t be assessed the following fees. You may participate in these services by paying the designated charge at a cashier's window in 100 Henry Administration Building. The charge will cover all Student Initiated Fees, which may not be purchased separately.

  • Krannert: Supports programming at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.
  • Sustainable Campus Environment: Helps establish a sustainable campus environment by financing initiatives such as green buildings, engagement of the university community, recycling, energy efficiency, and environmentally responsible purchasing.
  • Students for Equal Access to Learning: Supplements existing financial aid for students with financial need.
  • Legacy Scholarship: Funds a new and permanent source of need- and merit-based scholarships that include a community service component.
  • Student Organization Resource: Supports the Student Legal Service, Off-Campus Community Living, and registered student organizations. You can be in an RSO if you haven’t paid this fee, but if your organization receives fee money (e.g., if fee funds are secured to help pay for a trip the group arranges), you won’t be able to receive the benefit of the award. You also can’t use Student Legal or Tenant Union services if you haven’t opted in to this package.
  • Cultural Programming: Supports the development and sharing of African American, Asian American, Latino, and Native American cultures and programs with students and the campus community.
  • Study Abroad: Creates a permanent source of scholarships for study abroad.

Recommendation: Opt in, especially if you’ll live on campus. Among other things, assistance with landlords and legal representation will be available to you under certain circumstances.

Disability-Related Resources & Accommodations

UIUC Resources

Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) is the campus office responsible for ensuring that qualified individuals with disabilities are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the curricular, co-curricular, and vocational opportunities available at UIUC. DRES, which is available to all university students, is a unit of the College of Applied Health Studies.

Parkland College Resources

Students with disabilities must contact the Parkland College Accessibility Services to request and obtain disability-related assistance. If you believe you have a disability for which you may need an academic accommodation (i.e., an alternate testing environment, use of assistive technology, or other classroom assistance), call 217-353-2338, extension 148. Note that accommodations can’t be provided until the appropriate documentation is on file.

Campus Identity


IDs are provided for all students at both Parkland and UIUC, including Parkland Pathway participants.

  • Parkland: Parkland ID cards are issued free of charge to all students through the Office of Student Life and are valid as long as you’re enrolled at Parkland. To obtain a Parkland ID, you must show a photo ID and proof of enrollment. Parkland ID cards are required to check out library materials and for many other activities. A charge applies for replacement ID cards.
  • UIUC: To get your UIUC ID card, called the i-card, go to the ID Center and present a government-issued picture ID (e.g., a driver’s license or passport). The ID Center is located at the Illini Union Bookstore. Note that in order to receive all benefits of the i-card (including bus transportation), you must take a course on the UIUC campus. You’ll also frequently use your UIUC NetID to access resources on campus. To claim and set your NetID and NetID password, you need your University Identification Number (UIN), located on the back of your Notice of Admission letter.

Personal Information

Make sure you keep your personal information (including your address and phone number) updated through both the Parkland and UIUC systems.

  • Parkland Records: Access the Parkland system. This page is a portal to your student grades, financial aid, and many other vital resources in addition to your personal information.
  • UIUC Records: Access the Illinois system. Select the "University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign" link. Note that you must claim your NetID and set your NetID password before you are able to access your UIUC records. In addition to accessing and updating your personal information, you will be able to access billing information, as well as other information including grades and, after you transfer, financial aid.


Your Parkland and UIUC email accounts may be the way professors or other institutional officials will communicate with you, and they’ll expect you to be checking your accounts.

  • Parkland Email: Student email accounts are initially created as soon as you’re admitted to Parkland. Accounts aren’t granted for non-credit courses and aren’t provided if you’ve marked your identity information be kept private when registering. Parkland's security policy prevents us from doing so. Accounts remain active as long as classes are being taken and are deleted after two consecutive semesters where no classes are taken. Keep in mind that account creation can take up to two days after you register.
  • UIUC Email: Technology Services is the unit that supports student computing at UIUC, including email help. If you need help, their helpdesk is available via email or by calling 217-244-7000 or 800-531-2531.

Parking & Transportation

Public Transportation

Using public transportation is your best option. Your i-card functions as an MTD bus pass. The 9A Brown and 5E GREENhopper will take you to Parkland. The 7E Grey will take you to the Illinois Terminal in downtown Champaign, at which point you can catch one of several busses to the UIUC campus.

Visit the MTD website or call 217-384-8188 for more information. Free bus route maps and schedules are available at the Illinois Terminal.

Parkland Parking

At Parkland, parking is free, and no ID sticker is needed. View available Parkland parking lots.

UIUC Parking

You can purchase a permit to park in the shuttle lot (E-14, located at Kirby and First). MTD shuttles run between campus and this lot. You can also purchase a permit to park long-term in one of our overnight lots, including E-14 (Kirby and First), F-23 (Florida and Lincoln), B-4 (University and Goodwin), and B-22 (University and Goodwin). View current student parking rates.

Numerous lots and streets have metered spaces available. It may be tricky finding an open space during school/work hours. Whenever you park at a meter, check to see what enforcement hours are and if there are limits (e.g., two-hour max). Some meters are University operated, and others are city meters.

More Resources

For additional information on the Parkland Pathway program, refer to the following links.