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What is Parkland Pathway?

If you're interested in beginning your college experience at Parkland and later transferring to UIUC, Parkland Pathway is an ideal option. You'll receive personalized academic counseling and access to UIUC instruction and opportunities exclusive to UIUC students as you work toward guaranteed admission to UIUC.

Who should apply?

Graduates of Illinois high schools and students who have received their GED from Illinois are eligible to apply. Current or former University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students are not considered for this program.

Who gets priority?

First-time college students applying to the program are given preference for admission. In addition, priority is granted to students who can bring diversity to campus, including those who are low income, are first generation, or have veteran status. Residents of the Parkland College district are also given priority.

What about those who don’t get in?

Admission to Parkland Pathway can be competitive because of the unique benefits the program gives students. Students who aren't admitted can still attend Parkland College and later apply to UIUC through our traditional transfer process.