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What is Parkland Pathway?

Parkland Pathway is a dual-enrollment program between Parkland College and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The program is designed to facilitate a smooth junior-level transfer* to UIUC after spending two years* as a full-time, degree-seeking Parkland College student. While in Parkland Pathway, students:

  • Receive personalized academic counseling from advisors at both institutions
  • Can take up to 5 credit hours at UIUC each semester assessed at the Parkland tuition rate
  • Have access to opportunities exclusive to UIUC students (clubs, extracurriculars)
  • Can live in University Housing, Private Certified Housing, or at home
  • Guaranteed admission to UIUC upon successful completion of the program (must meet specific admission requirements by major)

*Some academic programs may have a different timeline for transfer to UIUC and time-to-degree requirements to finish the program. We encourage you to look at all majors available within the program to see these special notes.

Who is eligible to apply?

Graduates of Illinois high schools and students who have received their GED from Illinois are eligible to apply. Current or former University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students are not considered for this program.

Who gets priority in admission?

First-time college students applying to the program are given preference for admission. Residents of the Parkland College district are also given priority. In addition, priority is granted to students who can bring diversity to campus, including those who are low income, first generation, or have veteran status.

How does UIUC admissions review Parkland Pathway applicants?

  • High school grades and course rigor
  • Extracurriculars & involvement
  • Writing prompts indicating academic interests and the Parkland Pathway program
  • Student's ability to manage unique Parkland Pathway dual-enrollment program