CCC Pathway Applicants

The City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) Pathway to Illinois program gives CCC students the opportunity to earn their undergraduate degree at UIUC.


  • You have to be enrolled at a CCC, and it must be your primary institution.
  • No application is required for the program. By the time you’ve earned 30 graded hours at a CCC, you just need to complete our Transfer Agreement Form, which will be shared with both your CCC and UIUC.
  • You have to complete 60 transferable hours of college credit by your term of entry at UIUC.

Admissions Process

  • You can work toward admission to any of our 150+ majors.
  • Twice a semester you'll talk to an UIUC advisor, who will assist you in carefully selecting your coursework to make sure you're staying on track for admission to UIUC.
  • You'll be offered admission to UIUC as long as all you've met all requirements as posted in the Transfer Handbook. The competitiveness of admission to certain programs will depend on the quality of the applicant pool each year.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the program, email our office or contact one of CCC's representatives:

Donna Williams
Director, Transfer Center

Tyanna McCann
Director, Transfer Center

Adriana Gonzales
Malcolm X
Director, Transfer Center

Cindy Luk
Harry S. Truman
Director, Transfer Center

Susan Calabrese
Wilbur Wright
Director, Transfer Center

Bianca Rodriguez
Richard J. Daley
Director, Transfer Center

Ellen Goldberg
Harold Washington
Director, Transfer Center