Admit Rates

Following are our first-year admit rates for 2023. Admit rates include the percentage of students we admitted from our applicant pool, both to the university overall and by academic community.

Don't be discouraged from applying based on a lower admit rate. Applicant pools vary from year to year and our holistic review process ensures we admit those best suited for each program.

Overall Admit Rates

Total Admit Rate: 43.7%

First-Choice Admit Rate: 34.7%

College Admit Rates (First-Choice Major Only)

College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences: 56.5%

College of Applied Health Sciences: 35.8%

College of Education: 46.8%

College of Fine & Applied Arts: 49.3%

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: 45.5%

College of Media: 43.7%

Division of General Studies: 53.2%

Gies College of Business: 24.2%

Grainger College of Engineering: 22.3%

School of Information Sciences: 21.6%

School of Social Work: 37.4%

Computer Science Programs

Computer Science: 7.5%

Computer Science + X Programs: 19.6%