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Freshman Application Procedures

Get familiar with the application process and the necessary items you need to submit.

As an applicant, it is your responsibility to know the application requirements, to submit the necessary materials, and to monitor the status of your application online.


When you apply online you create a username and password, which enables you to check your application status after submitting your application.

If you need to apply past the deadline, you must create a myIllini account and submit a petition. Whether the late application is accepted is up to the review committee. You'll be notified via email if you may proceed with the application.

Required Application Materials


The application includes a list of your high school courses and grades, a major selection, two essays, a list of extracurricular activities, and honors and awards.

Application Fee

A nonrefundable $50 application fee ($75 for international applicants) can be paid by credit card upon submission of the application or by check. Domestic students who qualify for a fee waiver will need to have a guidance counselor submit the fee waiver form.

Official Test Scores

Standardized test scores are required for admission review: either ACT (code 1154) or SAT 1 (code 1836) scores are accepted. Test scores must be received by December 12 to meet the deadline. If your application is complete by December 1, we will consider any additional test scores that are received prior to your decision being posted. The writing portion of the ACT is not required. Official test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency. Copies of student score reports will not be accepted. 

English Proficiency

All applicants need to demonstrate a command of the English language. If your first language isn’t English and/or you are attending high school in a non-English speaking country, we strongly recommended that you submit a TOEFL (code 1836) or IELTS score that was taken within the past two years. There is no minimum score required.

Special Requirements

Please submit an Undergraduate Application for Admission prior to completing the program-specific requirements.

Art and Design Applicants

You must submit a portfolio. Instructions and forms are available on the Art and Design website or call 217-333-6632.

Dance Applicants

You must complete an audition. Information on completing this requirement is available on the Department of Dance website or call 217-333-1010.

Music Applicants

You must complete an audition and/or interview. For specific requirements, to schedule the audition/interview, and complete the supplemental music application visit the School of Music website or contact the Music Admissions Office at 217-244-7899.

Theatre Applicants

You must complete an interview and an audition or portfolio review. Information on completing these requirements is available on the Department of Theatre website or call 217-333-2371.

Other Important Application Information

Checking the Status of Your Application

Once you receive acknowledgement of receipt from us, you should check the status of your application. Please allow several days for us to match your academic records with your application. 

Honors Programs

Your Undergraduate Application for Admission is the same application used for admission into all campus honors programs. You'll receive priority consideration for admission to honors programs if you apply by November 1. Admission is determined by a combination of GPA, test scores, rigor of coursework, and strength of essays. If you’re interested in being accepted to an honors program, the best way to approach the application is with care and attention to detail. Read more about honors.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Your Undergraduate Application for Admission is the same application used for all merit-based scholarships. You will automatically be considered for scholarships when you apply. Our scholarships are granted to students based on academic achievement and are awarded by individual colleges and departments. If you’re awarded a scholarship, you’ll receive notification directly from the department by April. Read more about scholarships.

Letters of Recommendation

Note that letters of recommendation are not required and strongly discouraged. Any letters that are sent will be shredded.

Official Transcripts

Do not send official transcripts at the time of application or after mid-year grades are received. If you are admitted and choose to accept the offer, you will be required to submit final, official high school transcripts after you graduate.

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