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Academic Calendar

The school year at Illinois consists of two semesters: Fall and Spring. We also offer two Summer Sessions.


Important Academic Dates: 2013-14

Fall Semester

8/26/13 Instruction Begins
11/23/13 Thanksgiving Vacation Begins
12/2/13 Instruction Resumes
12/11/13 Instruction Ends
12/13/13 Final Exams Begin
12/20/13 Final Exams End

Spring Semester

1/21/14 Instruction Begins
3/22/14 Spring Vacation Begins
3/31/14 Instruction Resumes
5/7/14 Instruction Ends
5/9/14 Final Exams Begin
5/16/14 Final Exams End
5/17/14 Commencement

More Academic Calendars

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